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The Responsibilities of a Property Manager

Updated: Feb 29

Do you own commercial real estate and wish to expand your business? You’ve probably researched the property management system and the industry. Understanding the business is important for success. Therefore, you may need the eye of a professional.

Property management companies provide a variety of services to property owners and investors. There are many aspects of the business that you need to take into consideration, so the help of a property manager might be highly beneficial.

If you are on the fence and can’t decide if you should hire a manager for your property or not, we can discuss their duties and responsibilities to help you choose what’s right for your business. You can consider these responsibilities and go in your preferred direction.


Taking care of a property is not a simple task. Especially when the property is occupied by tenants or guests. The right property management company will provide you with a detailed report to help you understand the state of your real estate.

Rental properties must be well-maintained and the tenants must have a positive experience. Making sure that the living conditions of your real estate are perfect is crucial.

Moreover, as a landlord, you might have several policies to keep your property well-maintained. If your tenants are breaking the rules and damaging your real estate, the property manager’s annual inspection process will surely shed light on the issue. Your property manager will be able to identify potential problems as well.

Setting and Collecting Rent

The main responsibility of a property manager is to give you profit from your business. The property manager must understand the field and analyze the rental rates in the industry. You want maximum efficiency and income, however, overpriced properties don’t attract many applicants. Therefore, your property manager should be able to set the maximum acceptable rent for your commercial real estate.

After setting the rent, you need it collected. The property manager has to collect rent proactively.

In today’s day and age using software systems is the most efficient way to get things done. It’s more convenient for both, the investor and the tenant to use online portals for transactions. The property manager’s responsibility is to find the most suitable way of collecting the rent.

Some property management companies use portals to reduce errors and allow residents to pay rent comfortably via software. Online platforms are protected and secure for payments, and receiving money takes seconds. A property manager is responsible for operating such software and keeping track of the payments made by tenants.


Promotion is incredibly important for any business owner. You must market your rental property well to receive many applicants and for the demand to be increased. The property manager’s responsibilities include marketing the property to attract tenants.

The property manager must be well-versed in the field, so they can analyze the market and choose the correct and profitable platforms for advertising. The professional must ensure that their client can quickly rent out their property to the ideal tenants.

The property manager will market your property on multiple real estate websites to gain more attention. Iron Horse property management company provides the service of marketing the clients’ properties on the same MLS system that realtors use.

In the end, with the help of your property manager, you will receive a big variety of applications from potential tenants.


We talked about the property manager’s responsibility to inspect your property thoroughly to make sure that maintenance problems are avoided. According to this Los Angeles property management company, if there are any damages and maintenance issues, the property manager is responsible for finding solutions.

The property manager can fulfill the responsibility by finding qualified and trustworthy vendors to fix any maintenance issues at an affordable price. Your “assistant” will also care for the following paperwork, providing you with accurate invoices and reports.

Screening the Tenants

Tenant management is an unavoidable part of property management. The property manager is responsible for overseeing the actions taken by tenants directed at your rental. The professional at your side can create a tenant screening system to accurately and promptly address any issues.

The property manager will make sure to find tenants with stable incomes, capable of always paying the rent on time. In the case of any issues in the area, the property management companies take it upon themselves to proceed with the eviction process with the necessary procedures. Any legal policies will be taken into account by your property manager while fulfilling their duties.

In conclusion, your property manager’s responsibilities guarantee the success of your investment. Hiring a property manager will save you some time and a lot of energy. You will be able to make the maximum profit from your properties and develop your business well. The property manager will take care of legal policies, communicate with the tenants, advertise your rentals, and maintain their conditions.

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